The need

Feedback is a tool that enables you to leave feedback to content I participated in. The feedback form has been designed for simplicity: an application identifier and your message! All feedback will be read, that is a promise!

It is not recommended using this tool to send sensitive data as it will be exchanged with two third party service providers. If you need to exchange sensitive info, please send the necessary information to proceed (email and PGP key).

How it works

To send your feedback, input your application identifier and your text in the form below, then click on “Send”. Both will be sent to an environment that exists only during the execution of your request. Then, provided the identifier leads to an actual application, the message will then be forwarded to its corresponding topic. It is then up to me to read it.

If the process succeded a message should appear in the read-only box below.

App readiness:

Your turn, now!

You can contribute to these apps too! The best way to contribute is actually to leave some feedback. If you wish to leave feedback for this application, please click on this link. Thank you for your support!