About me

Hello, I’m Vincenzo Scalzi and this is my personal corner of the Web!

I love the Web and the gems that it contains, the inspiration and the technology. I am very passionate about technology and like to share this through my notes, at meetups and with my co-workers!

Technology has reached a point where it could serve us better by giving us space to grow. I fully embrace this by using my time online to learn new facts, notably from Hacker News, contribute new knowledge or find new ways to reduce my impact. High performance does correlate with minimalism, sustainability and smaller costs of operation and maintenance!

At work, I help deliver best-in-class solutions either myself or with the help of fantastic people that I only encourage to do better with better tooling. I like spreading shiny new ideas and tools around and seeing them accelerating us and saving precious time or mental load.

I highly value the people around me and their time and strive to make myself replaceable or useless. My work is truly complete when my customers are delighted by the work and when they achieve full autonomy and technical know-how.

Finally, I also like to enjoy my time: playing the ukulele, organizing my travels, eating out, walking around aimlessly, playing timeless video-games, reading, learning. You know, the usual stuff.

Get in touch!

Find my through LinkedIn and send me a message! I will not put my email address on this website for obvious scraping reasons! If you’ve got business, wish to learn stuff with me or just for a chat, go ahead. I’m open to discussion, even about those things people are usually shy about.

About my work

And if you’re here to learn about my journey, here you go:

Have a nice visit and a nice day!