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Vincenzo Scalzi

About me

Hello, Vincenzo Scalzi here!

I am a passionate web engineer and a front / back hybrid. In performance I trust.

I currently work at Moonda as a full-stack developer. It is a web agency based in Bordeaux using eZPublish and eZPlatform, Content Management Systems based on PHP and Symfony.

It is also one of my duties to help deliver what our team considers best in terms of product quality by actively participating in the creation of our integration and delivery pipeline, quality assurance, coding standards and by allowing a company-wide sharing of knowledge while solving some of the most challenging issues when maintaining dark magic undocumented legacy code.

Before that, I was in Privalia, a Spanish fashion outlet, as a full-stack developer in their Performance & Core Platform team. I was in charge of a project that automatically checks the performance of their platforms.

I have been a Computer Science Engineering student at Bordeaux Graduate School of Engineering or ENSEIRB-MATMECA, for short. I chose the Multimedia and Video games specialty there, mostly to open myself to new ideas.

If you ever need help with a web project or want to learn a few things, let's chat!

Have a nice visit!

When boredom strikes

The tiles of this section will give you an overall idea of my favorite pass-time. It is just the tip of the iceberg and I would be delighted to further go into details about projects that did not make it to this list because reasons.

VCZ's experimental website

A collection of tools by yours truly

Let's go!

FontAwesome +

FontAwesome icon picker and CSS generator

Let's go!


Tiny multiplayer incremental game to wait for 2016

Let's go!


2015 version of Bordeaux Graduate School of Engineering's Bureau des Arts website

Let's go!


Website for Bordeaux INP's sports resource center

Let's go!

France Unicycle Federation intranet

Web application dedicated to the management of unicycle competitions in France

-- No demo available! --


Loading screen for 2015

Let's go!


Technologically speaking, I am agnostic. I don't believe there can be one universally best technology stack. Fundamentally, the underlying design processes are similar so it would not make sense to reject some because they contain noisy, old-school or proprietary elements.

Apart from the technical skills, there are some notable soft ones. We might lose accuracy here so buckle up buckaroo, we're in for an joyful ride!

The techie

I feel confident with:
  • HTML5, CSS3, JS Latest
  • ReactJS 15, Angular 5
  • Java 8 + Spring Boot 1.5
  • PHP 7.2 + CodeIgniter 3 / Symfony 3
  • Webpack, SASS, random JS libraries
  • NginX and Docker-based CI
  • Web performance and engineering as concepts
  • Installing a decent AWS-based infrastructure from scratch
Not afraid of using:
  • [Put your favorite web framework here]
  • Functional programming
  • Microsoft .NET C#, NodeJS or even Artanis
  • Low level languages when relevant
Also worked with:
  • Multi-model non relational database: OrientDB
  • Database deamons: Maxwell, Debezium
  • Message broker: Kafka with Spring Boot integration
  • OpenID Connect: MitreID
  • Web performance:
    • Browser tools: Firefox Developer Edition, Google Chrome Beta
    • Client performance: Yellowlab, WebpageTest
    • Load testing: Octoperf
    • App performance: AppDynamics, BlackFire

The human

I think I am:
  • Extrovert but not a party person
  • Calm and collected
  • Ambitious but moderate
  • A crazy fast learner
Want to become:
  • Socially responsible
  • A world changer
Though, I am also:
  • Expressive but not talkative
  • Easily bored when not challenged

The other stuff

I love trying new things, it helps me thinking out of the box. Being creative is really important when dealing with issues almost nobody faced before. I'm obviously not limiting myself to new technologies.

Quite frankly, I love going out for new experiences as much as I fancy watching movies and series, meeting new people and having a nice time.

Thy resume

Again, thank you for the time you have spent discovering this website. Did you know that it only uses HTML and CSS for everything? Yes, that's right, no JS or back-end technology involved! Everything is static!

Anyway, if you want to find out more, here are my English and French resumes. Don't forget to come see me on my social networks!


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Vincenzo Scalzi