About me

Hello, Vincenzo Scalzi here!

I am a passionate web engineer that experimented with all sorts of web technologies and always in search for more ideas. In performance I trust.

It is one of my duties to help deliver what we consider best in terms of product quality by actively participating in the creation of integration and delivery pipelines, quality assurance, product standards and by enabling a company-wide sharing of knowledge while solving some of the most challenging issues when maintaining dark magic undocumented legacy code.

Apart from that, I spend time tweaking infrastructure, internal platforms, sharing knowledge with peers and maintainers and organizing our technological ecosystem including introducing tools and services, recruiting and scouting for ideas thay may or may not impact our business.

When I am not behind my desk, I read from Hacker News, join tech meetups, share my meetup notes, explore ideas and enjoy my time!

I currently work at Moonda as a full-stack developer. It is a web agency based in Bordeaux using eZPublish and eZPlatform, Content Management Systems based on PHP and Symfony. We also create our own products and platforms using edge technologies and practices.

Before that, I was in VeePee, a.k.a. Privalia, a Spanish fashion outlet, as a full-stack developer in their Performance & Core Platform team. I was in charge of a project that automatically checks the performance of their platforms.

I have been a Computer Science Engineering student at Bordeaux Graduate School of Engineering or ENSEIRB-MATMECA, for short. I chose the Multimedia and Video games specialty there, mostly to open myself to new ideas.

If you ever need help with a web project or want to learn a few things, let's have a chat!

Have a nice visit!

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Vincenzo Scalzi