Technologically speaking, I am agnostic. I don't believe in one universally best technology stack. Fundamentally, the underlying design processes are similar so it would not make sense to reject some because they contain noisy, old-school or proprietary elements.

Apart from the technical skills, there are some notable soft ones. We might lose accuracy here so buckle up buckaroo, we're in for an joyful ride!

The techie

I feel confident with: Not afraid of using: Also worked with:

The human

I think I am: Want to become: Though, I am also:

The other stuff

I love trying new things, it helps me thinking out of the box. Being creative is really important when dealing with issues almost nobody faced before. I'm obviously not limiting myself to new technologies.

Quite frankly, I love going out for new experiences as much as I fancy watching movies and series, meeting new people and having a nice time.

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Vincenzo Scalzi