The need

Unlink is there for you when you need to find where a shortened link in pointing to without browsing it yourself. It will also provide you with a trace of the traversed URLs to reach the final destination and the HTTP status with every one.

There are two things to note, however:

How it works

To resolve a shortened URL, input it in the form below, then click on “Resolve”. It will be sent to an environment that exists only during the execution of your request. This environment will follow the redirections by sending HEAD requests successively until the response is not a redirection anymore or too many redirections have been resolved.

IMPORTANT: The URL must be prefixed with the protocol, i.e. http:// or https://. Try out this example:

Is considered a redirection a response containing a Location header and which status code is one of the following:

If the resolution succeded a message should appear in the read-only box below. This message lists the traversed URLs and their redirection status, from origin to destination. The last item should represent the final destination of the shortened URL.

App readiness:

Your turn, now!

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