The blogging craze had me too

What if we could do better? How can we learn from our collective mistakes? It is time to explore the blogging universe and to contribute my thoughts. Where does this wish to blog came from? I wish to produce the spark that leads to greater discoveries. I wish for people to help their community so that our paths may cross one day.

There is no server to manage, no hosting costs or headaches, just a domain. Just a domain with free reading content. I will never add any third party comment tool or analytics. If you do enjoy the contents, come by the place that hosts it and leave your mark. Or check out my personal website, my Meetup notes or my apps.

Do not forget to leave some feedback so that I can make your experience better.

Latest post: Engineering, five years in

Posted Friday August 05, 2022

We have done so much, yet we have so much to do

Remember five years ago, when I was about to get my engineering degree? Well those five years flew by and I feel like I made significant progress from that time, yet I’m humbled that there is still so much to learn.

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