Alone, you may go fast but it is together that we go far. Events represent the opportunity to exchange ideas and to grow in a fast-paced environment. In a modern world where we drown in information and where fear of missing out is ever so present, choosing or helping peers deciding on the best path is needed salvation.

Articles about events will relay the event experience through a written channel and artifacts such as pictures. The hope for these articles is that they entice readers to reach out to event organizers to participate to their next instances as an attendee, a speaker or an event helper!

I was present at BDX I/O 2019, what about you?

Posted Tuesday November 26, 2019

Words of notice: This is an article I wrote for Gekko. Many thanks for their consent to sharing this story here. The Bordeaux Developer Experience stylized logo In Bordeaux, November the 15th of 2019 was not a rough day. The weather was usual for the season, grayish and not too cold. What was not usual was that November the 15th of 2019 was also the 6th edition of the Bordeaux Developer Experience and for the first time, Gekko was a partner of the event and our team was holding a stand there. Freshly arrived at the Bordeaux Convention Center at...

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