There is no secret: if you wish to do more, you have to learn how to optimize your time. There are several ways: learn to master common tasks, automate, delegate, simplify, etc. Using an electric screwdriver is at times more efficient than a manual one, right?

This section is for you, who are searching for tools to solve issues you do not have. If you wish to move time from things that matter less to things that do matter, then read on!

NextDNS, tried and trusted!

Posted Wednesday June 16, 2021

“There are alternatives” Never has the Web been that encumbered with tracking, telemetry, ads and essentially junk. Never has the Web been that difficult to navigate, whether because there are cookie banners everywhere or noisy chatbots. On the other side of the mirror, never have these solutions been so simple to implement! You can subscribe to any SaaS that provides one of these services, connect a few things here and there and here you go: you expose your users to third parties to serve ever more relevant content.

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And so I started using an Ad Blocker

Posted Wednesday June 03, 2020

Edit (14th of July 2020): Allow rules in uBlock Origin’s Dynamic Filtering feature have been hidden1 due to them being misunderstood by the user base. This article has been updated accordingly. Bad feelings and feeling bad I will openly admit something: I always go above and beyond to reduce the amount of telemetry that gets sent to various providers. While I am on the topic of confessions, I also strive to make my devices more performant. So you will not be surprised when I tell you that I believe we can find performance in minimalism; we send and receive a...

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