Bomb shell: What am I being paid?

Posted on Sunday December 17, 2023
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Oh no! What have I done?!

Yes, we will be talking money, I am going to break the fourth wall. I believe that people must be fairly compensated and work in an environment that suits their style. Whether you personally know me or not, this is an opportunity to learn how much I make and position yourself in this market. And if you’re a recruiter casually passing by my profile, please use this data responsibly.

This idea comes from a blog post I read a while ago where the author described their salary and benefits over time in a similar format. People, it’s good to chase the money! You have dreams to realize and, if you don’t, you can help others with theirs!


Pay transparency is critical. I am not a formidable engineer and I would not have created half of what I did without my friends, coworkers and local tech community. We collectively deserve my benefits. Also, they should reflect multiple facets:

Everyone contributes a part to the company, even in unexpected ways. Some make the office lively or structured, the processes more human or more stringent, the work motivating or inspiring. The voice of the company is that of all its people combined.

Now, let’s end this corporate speech, I feel gross defending those “values” which end up being the same but worded differently. “Be brave”, “be bold”, “be you”? You are part of a team, not a family and should never cozy up. At the same time be kind to yourself, others and do a great and clean job.

You wish to learn how much I am being paid, right? So let’s get this out of the way.

Fair warning

Before we begin, I must warn you: the numbers exposed here are correct, translated to dollar amounts as of the 1st of January of that year. French compensation packages must include unemployment, pension and social deductions, meal tickets, public transportation refunds and remote work refunds which are left out. This list only includes gross yearly earnings and bonuses. Additionally, a 24-month gap from the last update will be left to give an edge to my current employer.

If you feel something is odd, send me a message. We’ll get through this together. Again: I am for full and fair wage transparency.

The numbers

20171 EUR = 1.0530 USD
2017MoondaSalary29 400€
First job, small web agency, based in Bordeaux (France), fully on-site
Negotiated sign-in bonus
20181 EUR = 1.2011 USD
2018MoondaSalary29 400€
EUR-USD adjustment
2018MoondaSalary30 000€
Salary bump after probation period
2018MoondaSalary33 000€
Performance-related raise
Referral bonus
20191 EUR = 1.1462 USD
2019MoondaSalary33 000€
EUR-USD adjustment
2019GekkoSalary39 000€
Second job, French AWS consultancy, based in Bordeaux (France), on-site yet flexible
20201 EUR = 1.1219 USD
2020GekkoSalary39 000€
EUR-USD adjustment
2020GekkoSalary42 000€
Performance-related raise
Profit sharing
Vacation allowance
2020GekkoSalary46 000€
Performance-related raise
20211 EUR = 1.2155 USD
2021GekkoSalary46 000€
EUR-USD adjustment
2021Gekko Part of AccentureSalary52 500€
Acquisition by Accenture
2021Gekko Part of AccentureBonus1 100€
One-off bonus
2021Gekko Part of AccentureBonus475€
Vacation allowance
2021Gekko Part of AccentureBonus12 000€
Retention bonus
2021Gekko Part of AccentureSalary56 184€
Performance-related raise
2021Gekko Part of AccentureBonus2 430€
Contribution to Employee Savings Plan
2021Gekko Part of AccentureBonus≈ 2 150€
(≈ $2,613.33)
Profit sharing
20221 EUR = 1.1373 USD
2022Gekko Part of AccentureSalary56 184€
EUR-USD adjustment
2022SOPHiA GeneticsSalary???Third job, international medtech, based in Bordeaux (France), partially on-site
2022Gekko Part of AccentureBonus???Profit sharing
2022Gekko Part of AccentureBonus???Contribution to Employee Savings Plan
20231 EUR = 1.0703 USD
2023SOPHiA GeneticsSalary???EUR-USD adjustment

Last edit: 17th of December 2023

Your turn

If you decide to embark on a journey to share your salary online, please share this journey with me so that I can link it here. This article is for curious minds who wish to learn more about my journey and what they can ask for.